Tender and Project Document Checking

Assisting you with Tender and Project Related Submissions, to Ensure Your Submission is Correct

At EB Secretarial Solutions, we have extensive knowledge of the Construction Industry and many years’ experience in dealing with commercial documents and compilation of final submission packages prior to issue. EB Secretarial       Solutions are therefore ideally suited to saving you the embarrassment of having to admit to your Client/Potential   Client that your submission is incorrect.

Over the last 10 years we have seen an increase in the number of documents (Tenders/Bids, Progress Reports and Construction Methodologies to name but a few) that have come to play a crucial part in Claims for Extension of Time, Loss and Expense; Arbitration and Adjudication procedures that contain spelling mistakes, poor grammar, missing words/incomplete sentences, or just incomprehensible text.

When everyone is working flat out trying to meet Tender and Project Deadlines, the last thing on the writers mind is whether:

  • that vital ‘NOT’ is present (eg. As a Company we are responsible for the delays to the commencement of the project.)
  • or if the figures quoted actually tally
  • or if objectivity has been overshadowed by personal feelings
  • or if the document actually makes sense

‘…..The floors progress is subject to availability for the MEP services commence, this needs be reviewing as current release of some floors up to 4 weeks. Currently     progress is varied though out each building. Overall position is 8 to 10 weeks, with 5 weeks on the critical path for December.’

‘We have received your email accusing us of delay. We are amazed at your allegations which just prove how out of touch with reality you are. If certain parties spent more time on site and less time criticising others then the job would be much further on.’

All of which may not seem vital at the time of issue, when the clock is ticking, and the next urgent task is beckoning; but what happens when you have to rely on those very documents to defend your rights 10, 12 or 20 months after they were produced. When it is no longer clear in anyone’s mind what was actually meant; or the writer may have moved on; and all you are left with are unintelligible words on a piece of paper.

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