EB Secretarial Solutions are here to help your company project a professional image

At EB Secretarial Solutions, we offer a first class copy-editing, proofreading and formatting service. EB Secretarial Solutions are experienced at dealing with documents of all sizes, ranging from 1 – 10 page documents, up to documents in excess of 200 pages; no document is too small or too large for EB Secretarial Solutions.


Copy-Editing and Proofreading

Copy-editing and proofreading isn’t just correct spelling and spotting typing mistakes. When copy-editing EB Secretarial Solutions will correct any typing mistakes, but we will also keep a look out for inconsistencies within the document, issues relating to style, ensure that the correct tenses are used, and that correct sentence structure is maintained throughout; and therefore ensuring the ease of understanding and clarity of your document.

Proofreading is the final stage any document should go through prior to issue/printing; and EB Secretarial Solutions are able to provide a fast and accurate service, to weed out any remaining mistakes. Proofreading isn’t about making major changes to the document, but about ensuring that the document contains no errors.

When EB Secretarial Solutions copy-edits and/or proofreads documents for you, we will ensure you have a document that is coherent and easy for the recipient to read.


Even if your document doesn’t need our copy-editing or proofreading services; it may be that you are struggling to get it to look just right.

Perhaps you would like numbered paragraphs but the numbers keep going out of sync, or your bullet points just won’t stay in-line, the line and paragraph spacing isn’t consistent throughout, EB Secretarial Solutions will correct all of these issues.

By using EB Secretarial Solutions to format your document you will not only get a professional looking document, but one that is easy on the eye and is therefore easier for the recipient to read.

For more information on your proofreading and formatting requirements contact EB Secretarial Solutions.

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