Case Study: PQQ Document & Association Membership Application

3rd December 2015 at 7:17 AM

Client: North East Roofing Contractor

Project: PQQ Document & Association Membership Application

Service: Completion of Main Contractor PQQ Document and Association Membership Application Form


Employed by a small local Roofing Contractor, to provide assistance with the completion of PQQ document and supporting evidence and an Association membership application form and supporting evidence.

Duties included:

EBSS Bullet Point Completion of PQQ for review, highlighting missing information; review of response from Client enclosing additional information;
EBSS Bullet Point Creation of electronic logo; creation of documents detailing past project experience, and CV’s for Company Directors; checking, proofreading and formatting of QA and Environmental Manual to improve the quality of documents being submitted;
EBSS Bullet Point Creating PDF’s of all supporting information and identifying such with applicable Question number/references;
EBSS Bullet Point Creation of Company Letterhead, and drafting of covering letter, explaining shortfalls in supporting paperwork and changes being implemented by the Company such as ISO9001 accreditation to assist with the approval process;
EBSS Bullet Point Issuing a report to the Directors upon completion of the assignment, recommending ways to avoid such shortfalls in information to speed up the completion of PQQ’s in the future, as well as providing samples of more acceptable COSHH and Risk Assessments, Method  Statements, and layouts for documents, detailing such things as past experience and abilities of the company.

Thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into the documents for me, I’m very happy with the price and the professional manner in how you’ve dealt with this. I will certainly recommend you to other contractors in the future. SI”


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Case Study: Assistance with the Creation of Training Presentations and Materials

3rd December 2015 at 7:05 AM

Client: National Commercial Management Training Provider

Project: Assistance with the Creation of Training Presentations and Materials

Service: Document & CPD Cert creation; Proofreading/checking & formatting; Printing/copying & collation

Employed by a National Construction Claims Consultant to assist with the production of training materials, for various in-house training sessions being provided to various National and International Contracting organisations.  Training sessions have over the years varied in length and content, but generally consist of 1 to 4 sessions of 4 or 6 hours in duration covering various commercial management topics and best practice guidelines in line with current legislation.

Duties included:

EBSS Bullet Point Creating dedicated document layouts for use during training sessions incorporating the company logo and details, along with details of other services provided;
EBSS Bullet Point Proofreading and checking of training handbooks, a copy to be complied for each sessions attendees;
EBSS Bullet Point Formatting, checking and proofreading of training session exercises;
EBSS Bullet Point Printing/copying of documents to be used during the training sessions by attendees;
EBSS Bullet Point Formatting, checking and proofreading of PowerPoint Presentations to be used during training sessions;

“We have used EBBS for over 3 years in both secretarial and virtual assistant roles.  Whether working remotely or in our office the work ethics, flexibility and cost effectiveness are to the highest level.  PG”


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